International Ltd.?

Because we use a data analytics approach to HR solutions, and can teach your HR staff how to apply these concepts as well.
Because we support our clients with tailor-made HR methodology emphasizing the convergence of your management, staff and business unit goals.
Because our business-oriented HR advice is based on more than 25 years of executive management experience gained in the IT, ICT and SSC sector.


versatile HR support for your competitive advantage

  • Does the current organizational structure not support your business goals?
  • Do the company’s HR processes hinder dynamic growth instead of helping it?
  • Do your colleagues understand the goals and strategy of the company? Are the messages formulated for your staff not achieving their goal?
  • Is your overall attrition increasing and you are unsure of the reason? You cannot keep your key people? Is it hard to backfill these positions from the labour market?
  • Is the talent agenda of your company need to be changed?
  • Your brand is known on the market yet as an employer your company is not treated accordingly well? Is there a need to change the capability requirements?
  • Do you believe that more competitive and cost effective compensation systems exist than the one you have in place?

If the answer to two or more questions is yes, please contact us!

Our mission is to provide executive consulting services to medium and large enterprises, as well as to senior executives at service centers. With the wealth of experience accumulated in fOrgXpert International Ltd. we can contribute to achieving the optimal functioning of your business!

What experience can we help you with?

  • Over 25 years’ experience gathered in a corporate environment in the fields of top management, HR processes, internal communications and employer branding
  • The experience gained in the creation and development of service centers, IT companies and the results obtained during through effective employer branding
  • The knowledge gained by the introduction of new HR tools that ensured achieving the growth objectives of companies.

We give great importance to learning the business operation and goals of our customers. On this basis, we develop a customized HR methodology, which is designed to support the management, staff and business unit goals.
The modern corporate leadership sees the HR strategy as a priority, manages it as part of the corporate strategy and defines it as a component of their business goals. It is not enough to have the appropriate product / service portfolio, well-established distribution channels and innovative approaches when the organizational structure, motivation systems, training and recruitment channels do not support the company’s business goals and do not adapt to market trends. In addition to the proper selection of competencies, cost-optimizing operations is essential. HR costs are not equal to the wage expenditure. It is a complex process in which many components must be examined in order to develop the best HR structure with elements supporting each other.


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